Guest Speaker at morning tea Sept 7th coming soon.

Greetings members. For our next morning tea we are very excited to have a guest speaker. Tony Langdon is one of our adult members and he is going to give us an insight to part of his journey and the importance of exercise and sport. Here is what he has to say:
“I am a Masters athlete and medalist at state level in Track and Field. I also compete in local cross country and urban fire brigade
competitions.  I will be talking about my sporting history, as someone
who does have some challenges, and the role that sport has played in my
life – physically and mentally.”
 Please join us and support Tony on Sat 7th Sept at 8 Wallace Ave from 10.30 till 12 noon .Should be an interesting morning.All welcome

BAAG committee

Participants wanted for research project

Hi there,

My name is Rebecca Leahy and I am currently a Psychology Honours student at RMIT Bundoora. Myself and some colleagues are currently doing research into the use of mindfulness apps to help children aged 8-12 with ASD fall asleep easier at night, and we are looking for parents and children to trial two of them to see if they are beneficial. I was just wondering if it would be possible for a flyer (attached) to be posted on your Facebook page or maybe handed out during your meetings to help us recruit participants? Just a quick overview of the study:

Children and parents will be invited to participate in an initial online survey to gather demographic information and determine some baseline characteristics. After this has been completed, a phone orientation (or completed at RMIT if preferred) will be conducted to introduce parents and children to the materials, which include a sleep diary, an actigraphy watch (similar to a fitbit) and an app that will be played at bedtime. Then, for a period of two weeks, children will wear the actigraphy watch and listen to the app before bed for as many nights as they can, with parents filling in the sleep diary each morning. At the end of the trial, parents will be asked to fill in an online survey one more time to gauge improvements in baseline characteristics, and will then be asked to post the materials back to us. We will then post out two movie tickets as a thank-you for participating. Children will also receive a detailed report of their results at the conclusion of the study.

This study has been ethics approved and has already has one cohort of children participate, however we would absolutely love for some more children, particularly those in regional and rural areas, to have the opportunity to participate too. I was a Bendigo local prior to moving to Melbourne for university so I would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss the study further if you would like!
Please let me know if this would be okay, you can contact me at or on 0414 715 724. Thanks so much for your time!

Kind Regards, 
Rebecca Leahy

New Format Coffee evening

Announcing new format coffee evening tomorrow night……………………………………………………………
The group is based around Dads with children or adults they support with Autism. The group is around information sharing and capacity building.
The group provides Dads the opportunity to come together to have a chat and talk about strategies around parenting/caring for their children with Autism. As men we are not always great at reaching out, this group will be a supportive and welcoming environment. If you just want to come along and listen that’s OK, it’s up to you on the level of involvement, come along and join a band of brothers who really care. 
Tues May 7th , 8 Walllace Ave, Flora Hill, 7.30- 9.00PM
All Welcome