General Support Agencies

Bendigo Health Case Management Services

Bendigo Health Case Management Services ( BHCMS)  is an agency of The Bendigo Hospital. It was formerly called Community Care Options. BHCMS aims to support people with complex and multiple support needs to remain living at home or in their local community through a case management program. If you are struggling to manage don’t hesitate to make contact to get help.

BHCMS also provides case management for the Department of Human Services disability funded programs.  There are Flexible Support Packages available to assist families/carers to care for people with a disability at home.

For more information on Flexible Support Packages go to:

To get some assistance don’t hesitate to phone 54547833 That’s what they are there for!

Rural Access Program

This program helps people and organisations to work together more effectively by improving the community’s understanding of the needs and aspirations of people with disabilities through:

  • Ensuring that the needs of people with disabilities are the focus of community planning
  • Supporting service providers in assisting people with a disability to live the sort of life they choose.
  • Developing easy ways for people to access the information they need about services and community activities.
Contact: The Rural Access Program
City of Greater Bendigo
Ph 5434 6000 or  1800224799