Free online training presented as part of the Helping Children with Autism Package

The Positive Partnerships: supporting school aged students on the autism spectrum can be accessed via the website

Government Schools

Bendigo Special Developmental School (SDS)

26-32 Lockwood Road
Kangaroo Flat
Ph: 54473267
SDS is for school aged children with a moderate to severe intellectual disability.

Kalianna School

Nolan St
North Bendigo
Ph: 54421311
Kalianna is for students aged between 5 -18 years who have a mild to moderate intellectual disability.

Government Schools – Bendigo Office

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD)

37-43 Havlin St,
East Bendigo
Phone: 03 54403111

Sandhurst Diocese Catholic Schools

Catholic Education Office

Phone: 5443237
Senior Education Officer: Pastoral Care – Special Education: Joy Ready

Schooling Alternatives

Distance Education

With distance education, parents follow the Department of Education’s curriculum and reproduce school at home. It’s only one form of  home schooling. For more information go to:

Doxa School Bendigo

This school provides supported education for students 11-14 years of age who are having difficulty remaining in their regular school. For more information contact   John Russell Ph: 54428140

Home Schooling

There are people in Bendigo who have chosen various forms of home schooling. It’s useful to know that you don’t have to follow the Department of Education’s curricullum, if you choose home schooling. For local support go to: Homeschooling Victoria

Net School – Bendigo

NETschool aims to re-engage young people (15-20 years) who are experiencing difficulties with mainstream schooling. It’s an annexe of Bendigo Senior Secondary College. Phone: 5441 8504


Into Kindergarten
  • Preschool Field Workers – These workers support children with additional needs in preschool programs.
  • Inclusion in Kindergarten Services – this initiative is for children with severe disabilities in kindergartens. For more information on either of these services contact: St Lukes Ph: 5440 1100
Into Primary School
  • The Department of Human Services – Specialist Children’s Services offer transition support into primary school.  Contact: Phone 5444 9999
Into Secondary School
Into Post Secondary School
  • Futures for Young Adults (FFYA) provides support to students with an ASD to make the transition to post-school options. It is available to eligible students from when they complete their schooling until they turn 21. For more information go to:  Disability Client Services – Department of Human Services  Ph: 1800 783 783 or go to:
  • Connect Central (Youth Transition Support Initiative) is aimed at youth 15 -19 years who are ‘at risk.’   Contact: St Lukes Ph: 5430 1100