Child Development

Autism Assessment Team Coordinator

Bendigo CAMHS ( Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service ) – has a triage service that will take your calls. Then referrals are made to the Coordinator of the Autism Disorder Assessment Service as appropriate. A team of specialists will then assess if your child has Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. This service is for both pre-school and school-age children, up to 18 years of age. The Autism Disorder Assessment Service (ADAS) is a regional service and is free of charge.

Contact:  Bendigo CAHMS –  Ph: 1300 363 788.

Department of Human Services

Disability Information & Support

You may need information on accessing assistance for your school aged child  or your family may need ‘Case Management’  to manage the many challenges of having a child with an ASD. Phone 1 800 783 783

Behavioural Intervention Services

The Behaviour Intervention Support Team (BIST) provides services for people who demonstrate challenging behaviour. Challenging behaviour is behaviour that places the person or others at risk, and/or reduces the person’s access to environments, activities or experiences. This can include aggressive, self-injurious, anti-social or dangerous behaviours.

Contact: Department of Human Services – Disability Client Services Ph: 5434 5888


There are many associated features that may occur in children with an ASD (sleep disorders, anxiety, attention and concentration issues, behavioural issues etc) that may need medical intervention. Maintaining a close and regular contact with a Paediatrician is advisable.

School Psychology Service

Every primary and secondary school in this region has a school psychologist assigned to support school aged children. Parents can request that their child has a consultation with the school psychologist. Contact your child’s teacher, principal or welfare coordinator.