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BAAG FREE May Autism Awareness Event 12th May 2016, 9.30am – 1.00pm

Donna Williams will be our guest speaker at the BAAG 2016 May Autism Awareness Event. Click below for flyers!  Help us spread the news….
BAAG Autism Awareness Event May 12th flyer and program – Guest Speaker Donna Williams

WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT DONNA as a speaker: “The “feel good” feeling you get after the event is amazing. My manager found it the best lecture she had attended in her whole career!” “Never have I sat through a seminar that held me captivated the entire time. Donna is an expert on the subject and if you think you know a lot about Autism then think again”. “Donna Williams’ talks are spell-blindingly powerful. I regard her as the preeminent speaker on autism, from a powerful inside-out perspective”. “As remarkable a spokeswoman, activist, artist, author, and musician Donna is, her humanity is what really sets her apart; her humor, passion, wit and insight into the world around her; her ability to see beauty in everyday things, her playfulness, her way of being in the world. Donna not only changed the way I see people with autism; she changed the way I see everyone”. “Donna shares her knowledge with her audience in a way which makes it one to one, when in a room of hundreds. I would recommend her as a ‘never to be missed’ speaker”. “Donna’s passion for her autism topics dominate the whole room leaving you wanting more”. “In the years I have read many books on Autism but the most extraordinary and significant experience in my personal and professional life was my meeting with Donna Williams”.


Do you want to have your say?


The Family and Community Development Committee is starting its Inquiry into services for people with autism spectrum disorder. The Committee is tasked with examining and reporting on:

  • the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder in Victoria;
  • the availability and adequacy of services provided by the Commonwealth, State and local governments across health, education, disability, housing, sport and employment services;
  • the adequacy of services to be provided under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS);
  • evidence of the social and economic cost of failing to provide adequate services; and
  • the projected demand for services in Victoria.

Public hearings will be held in Melbourne and regional Victoria in 2016. Have your say by making a submission to the Inquiry.

A guide to making submissions is available for download in PDF format(PDF 100.92 KB) or Word format(DOC 67.34 KB).

A brochure about making a submission is available for download in PDF format(PDF 153.54 KB).

If you have any special needs in relation to accessing these documents, or for more information,, or call (03) 8682 2843.

If you are deaf or hearing impaired, you can contact us through the National Relay Service. You will need to provide our number to them: 03 8682 2843.

Please send in submissions by Friday, 18 March 2016.

Hard copy submissions can be sent to:

Family and Community Development Committee
Parliament House
Spring Street

Electronic submissions can be sent by email to or submitted using the eSubmissions form.

All submissions are treated as public documents unless confidentiality is requsted or granted.  Once received and processed by the Committee, public submissions will be available for download here.

Call for Submissions Ad Autism Inquiry(PDF 78.51 KB)


Have you noticed a reduction or withdrawal of disability services? Have your say!

Amaze (formerly Autism Victoria) has heard recently, and from a number of different sources, about the withdrawal or reduction of disability services across Victoria.  Recent feedback from the disability community is that some disability services people have been using may have recently changed, been reduced or ended.

This is a matter of concern to Amaze, given the strain people with disability are under with limited access to the services they need and the impact that the reduction of services can have on people with disability, their families and carers.

To get a better understanding of the issue and to see how widespread it is, Amaze has developed a simple survey (takes less than 5mins to complete) to give them feedback on the issue. The outcomes of the survey will inform their next steps.

Amaze know that disability services can be difficult to access at the best of times, and will use the information you tell them to assist in making sure that people with disability have access to the services they need.

Amaze want to hear from you if you are in Victoria and have experienced any changes – so here is your opportunity to have your say!

The survey is available here:

This isn’t an issue just for autism, and Amaze want to capture as many experiences and voice as possible.

Amaze are asking other disability organisations and peer support groups  and members of those groups and members of the community  to also complete the survey.

If you have any questions about the survey or the course of action, please contact Braedan Hogan at Amaze on 0449 882 182.

 The above information has come via 

 Pamela Gatos, Project Coordinator, Community Engagement, Amaze

T 03 9657 1651   |  F 03 9639 4955   |   E

24 Drummond Street Carlton VIC 3053 | PO Box 374 Carlton South VIC 3053 |



NDIA webinar available for viewing NOW…..

Message from AMAZE:

Below is a link to the NDIA webinar about the rollout in Victoria that was held on 1 October.  It has recently been uploaded onto the website for those who were not able to join the live session.  It is a 1 hour long session with a panel, including someone from DHHS, the NDIA and a parent of a participant in the Barwon trial site.  The session has some basic information and then answers questions that were asked by those participating in the live webinar.

Topics covered included:

  • Eligibility criteria
  • when there will be information available and how people will transition into the scheme
  • information around capacity building/local area coordination which includes the opportunity for individuals/families to purchase support planning around understanding the disability/diagnosis, the decision making process and options to purchase supports. (29 minute mark).

Here is a link to the summarised questions and answers that were asked during the webinar (and those that were not able to be addressed)

Please feel free to forward this to your members and if you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

 Kind Regards

 Pamela Gatos

Project Coordinator

Community Engagement

T 03 9657 1651   |  F 03 9639 4955   |   E

24 Drummond Street Carlton VIC 3053 | PO Box 374 Carlton South VIC 3053 |

Amaze (formerly Autism Victoria)

Spectrospective: Stories of Autism