BAAG FREE May Autism Awareness Event 12th May 2016, 9.30am – 1.00pm

Donna Williams will be our guest speaker at the BAAG 2016 May Autism Awareness Event. Click below for flyers!  Help us spread the news….
BAAG Autism Awareness Event May 12th flyer and program – Guest Speaker Donna Williams

WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT DONNA as a speaker: “The “feel good” feeling you get after the event is amazing. My manager found it the best lecture she had attended in her whole career!” “Never have I sat through a seminar that held me captivated the entire time. Donna is an expert on the subject and if you think you know a lot about Autism then think again”. “Donna Williams’ talks are spell-blindingly powerful. I regard her as the preeminent speaker on autism, from a powerful inside-out perspective”. “As remarkable a spokeswoman, activist, artist, author, and musician Donna is, her humanity is what really sets her apart; her humor, passion, wit and insight into the world around her; her ability to see beauty in everyday things, her playfulness, her way of being in the world. Donna not only changed the way I see people with autism; she changed the way I see everyone”. “Donna shares her knowledge with her audience in a way which makes it one to one, when in a room of hundreds. I would recommend her as a ‘never to be missed’ speaker”. “Donna’s passion for her autism topics dominate the whole room leaving you wanting more”. “In the years I have read many books on Autism but the most extraordinary and significant experience in my personal and professional life was my meeting with Donna Williams”.